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The Movement - Gloria Lewis - Live Photo
The Movement - DDay Tomorrow
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February 2019 Shows!
LEAP- Musical Theater Young Cast
The Movement - NBTF Promo Flyer 2019  2.
The Movement - NBTF Promo Flyer 2019  2.


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Inspired by the 1963 Children’s Crusade of Birmingham, Alabama, this uplifting acappella musical tells the story of courageous school children risking life and limb to protest peacefully against segregation during the Civil Rights Era. 

Written and directed by Kathy D. Harrison.

Presented at the 2015 National Black Theatre Festival

Appropriate for all ages.
Full length version: 90 minutes
Shortened version: 60 minutes

For school day time bookings:
45 minutes version with 10 minutes Talk Back Session.
Provide Teacher Resource Guide for In-Classroom discussions and activities. 



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Kathy D. Harrison, the playwright

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